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Members and friends have published books about the area. Small photographs are also for sale at $1.50 each.

Book Ordering

To obtain copies of any of our books and postage and handling costs, please email (hwphs@outlook.com) or phone the Hastings-Western Port Historical Society on 0490 132 011.

Postage varies according to size, weight of book and postcode destination.

Framed Photographs - Hastings Pier/Jetty - $10 each. Postage extra.


is the first book published in a series of five volumes all featuring historic places and pioneers of the Hastings Western Port area.

The book contains 136 pages and 62 photos, an index and retails for $25.00 *plus postage and handling.


This book contains 133 pages, 60 photos of local scenes and identities, an index and is available for sale at $30.00 *plus postage and handling.

Hastings People & Places Vol III

Vol III is the third book published in this series featuring scenes and pictures of past and present identities of Hastings and surrounding towns.

Contains sections on ferries, weddings, sports, street scenes, schools and industry, and includes 61 photos and 136 pages.

Cost $30 *plus postage and handling.

Hastings People & Places Vol IV

The cover of this new volume displays the historic Fish Shed and historic pier along with the modern Pelican Park Recreation Centre.

The book encompasses a wide range of historic information including the Blue Willow Pattern china, World War I, Hastings Maypole Dancers, the 'Redbird' wreck that can be seen from the Hastings pier, etc. etc.

The book contains 135 pages and is indexed. $30 *plus postage and handling.

Hastings Memories

Hastings Memories published by the Hastings-Western Port Historical Society, and compiled by Susan Rowe, a descendant of the Mentiplay and Mirabella families, is a book with stories and memories, and is the result of contributions from 26 residents who were born, grew up and lived in the Hastings district or who are newcomers.

Hardcover, 247 pages and indexed.

$30.00 *plus postage and handling.

Morradoo about Nothing

A History of Crib Point and Bittern: Neighbours in Destiny.

This is a book about the Settlement of Crib Point and Bittern, the Railway, Naval Depot, Bittern Store and Post Office, Crib Point Township and Post Office, World War II, Post war migrant families and the Fire Brigades of Crib Point and Bittern.

Colourful softcover book, 176 pages and indexed.

Now on sale for $25.00 *plus postage and handling.

The Butcher, the Baker, the ...

(of the Mornington Peninsula) By Bruce Bennett.

Colourful softcover book, 218 pages and indexed. Now on sale for $25.00 *plus postage and handling.

Listing of Books Available For Sale at Museum



Balnarring Byways & Memories Vols 1,2,3 & 4 Price per book 15.00
Balnarring Byways & Memories Vol 5 Price per book 20.00
Bert the Blacksmith (for children). 15.00
Birth of the Blues (beginning of Hastings Football Club) by Lance Hodgins. 15.00
Bright eyed and Bushy Tailed (reminiscences). 15.00
Coastal Guide to nature and history 2 - walking guide & information index. 30.00
Fish Markets of Melbourne, The, (by Bruce Bennett) 154 pages, index 25.00
From Conflict to Reform - personal reflections on formation of Shire of Hastings (by Doug Thompson) 159p no index 10.00
Glory Years, The (Hastings Football Club Premierships) by Lance Hodgins. 15.00
Ham & Beef Battery - (by Bruce Bennett) 25.00
Haphazard Quilt - Poems with CD (by Weston Bate) 25.00
Hastings Fishermen - (Bruce Bennett) 25.00
Hastings Memories - a book with stories and memories of people who were born, grew up or are newcomers to the area Hardcover, 247 p, indexed - (Ed. Susan Rowe) 30.00
Hastings People & Places Vol. I - pictures, information and index 25.00
Hastings People & Places Vol. II - pictures, information and index 30.00
Hastings People & Places Vol. III - descriptions and photos 30.00
Hastings People & Places Vol. IV - descriptions and photos 30.00
Honourable Alfred Downward, The (by I J Hackett) 16.00
It Happened Here. Part I (stories of Hastings) by Lance Hodgins. 15.00
Letters of Heartache and Hope (story of refugee family in Europe coming to Australia and experiences in refugee camp and life here - author lived at Hastings 159p (by Edith Torokfalvy) 16.50
Matthew Flinders' narrative of Tom Thumb's Cruise to Canoe Rivulet (Ed. by Keith Bowden) Please Note: Hard cover 20.00 - Soft Cover $15.00 15.00 / 20.00
Morradoo About Nothing - A history of Crib Point and Bittern: Neighbours in Destiny. (by Bruce Bennett & Arthur & Woodley) 176p, indexed. 25.00
Mr Bass's Western Port - The Whaleboat Journey (by Harry Cole & Valda Cole OAM) 35.00
Old Piano Story, The (by Frances Octavia McCrae) 8.00
Sing Sweet Bird (story of Hastings singer, Rosa Alba) by Lance Hodgins. 15.00
Snapshots of the Faithful - Holy Trinity (Anglican Church) Hastings. Index. 25.00
Stories & Poems from the Mornington Peninsula 10.00
The Butcher, the Baker, the ... (on the Mornington Peninsula) ... (Bruce Bennett) 25.00
Train at Balnarring. The (for children). 15.00
Under the Pine Trees, History of Frankston Primary School (Davey St) 1874-1999 (by Dorothy Condon), 100p, no index 12.50
Western Port Fishermen by Helen Hannan and Bruce Bennett. Detailed history of fishing in Western Port from 1840 to the present day. Indexed, softcover 229 p. 30.00
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